Pucón is a very touristic seaside resort located 25km from Villarrica, on the other side of the lake with the same name. Most of all animated during summer, it also proposes a large number of activites all year long.


Mountain activities: volcanos ascent : Villarruca, Quetrupillan, Llaima; ski, snowshoes, hikes, treks in the parks of the region...

Water activities: rafting, hydrospeed, kayak, ducky, scuba diving, hotsprings...

Air activities: paragliding, sky diving, bungee jumping, tour plane...

Rope activities: canyoning, climbing, rappeling...


The owner (Vincent) of French Andes is also managing the tourist agency of Pucón: Aguaventura. You'll get the opportunity to reserve any activity from the hostal, with a transport which picks you up directly from the hostal.


For more informations on the agency and the activities you can do in Pucón, go and see the website of Aguaventura.

Parque El Cañi

Parque El Cañi

Parque Nacional Huerquehue

Parque Nacional Huerquehue

Volcan Villarica

Volcan Villarica

Volcan Villarica

Volcan Villarica

Rio Liucura

Rio Liucura

Pucón is 25 km located from Villarrica, 109 km from Temuco,

and 789 km from Santiago of Chile. 


By plane (January/February only)

Pucón has its own airport, 5km far from the city-center. There are several taxis and colectivos that come and go between the two of them. During high season, you can find direct flights to Santiago. Usually, flights go as far as Temuco (Aeropuerto Maquehue) located at 110km from Pucón. There are some inter-city connections to get to Pucon. 


Pucon's Airport: +56 45 2 44 39 65

Temuco's Airport: +56 02 2222 8400 (Call center)


By bus

Frequent daily buses from the surrounding cities. Most of Santiago buses do the trip by night. There are also departures from Temuco every half an hour (and every quarter in high season).



+56 45 2 44 33 28 / www.turbus.com

 Jac Bus 

+56 45 2 99 08 80 / www.jac.cl


By car

From the North of the country : Carretera Panamericana, Carretera 5 Sur.

From the South of the country : Ruta 5 Sur.

The total distance between Santiago and Pucon counts 789 km, which means a 10 hours trip.

How to get to Pucón